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What are Professionals saying about SOCCER STARTS AT HOME®?

TED Talk- Here is a powerful video showing the critical importance of the developmental period between birth and 5 years.

“Tom Byer and Soccer Starts at Home® is going to completely change youth soccer development for those parents who follow it. If the U.S. adopted this philosophy, it would revolutionize soccer in our country!” Anson Dorrance-Hall of Fame U.S. Soccer Coach, University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer Coach- 22 College National Championships, 1 World Cup Title

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Carol Dweck- Here is a great video showing parents how praise can provide incredible impacts on your child's development.

“The acquisition of skills- math skills, piano skills, soccer skills- and the encouragement to acquire skills is absolutely fundamental in the development of the brain. Exercise involving technical skills stimulates growth in the brain and this growth reciprocates by improving those skills. The more you do, the better you get and, the four-to-seven age group is one of the prime beneficiaries. The brain responds to stimulation and grows and develops as a result. For the best results, the stimulation should be both physical/aerobic and mental/intellectual.”

“Tom’s method is laying down circuits of learning and building cellular networks in the brain, that become basic and natural. The brain practices the skill and makes it more natural. I find it amazing that top-level coaches and sports organizations can ignore sports development in the 6 and under. Tom Byer is opening the door for a complete rethink as to how we encourage children to learn sports.”

“Exercise optimizes the brain and body and sets it up for learning. It produces growth factors, one of which is called BDNF, which I call ‘miracle-grow for the brain’ or brain fertilizer-More than anything else we are aware of, exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells.”

Professor John J. Ratey, MD- Associate Clinical Professor of Neuropsychiatry-Harvard Medical School, and author of “SPARK- The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”

“I've been involved in football as a player and coach for over 40 years, so trust me when I tell you that SOCCER STARTS AT HOME® is gold dust for your kids.” 
Paul Mariner Ex-England international (35 caps), UEFA Cup winner (1981), F.A. Cup winner (1978), MLS Coach, ESPN Soccer Analyst

“Research strongly suggests that parents play the largest role in influencing the development and healthy socialization of their children involved in sports. What’s the difference between the children who reach the stage where their talent blooms forth and those who don’t? These children experienced something from their parents that seemed to make a huge difference. The research is very clear- what a parent says and does has a tremendous influence on their child. The more you as a parent support your children, the more your children will reach the highest level of talent development possible for them.”

Michael A. Taylor- Chair of the United States Elite Coaches Association

“A truly revolutionary approach to helping your kids progress, not just at Football, but in life generally. Tom Byer takes his more than 20 years of teaching kids football around the world and aligns it with cutting edge academic research in the field of child development and produces an easy to understand manual for all of us who would like to help their kids in sports, at school, and in life. I think Tom Byer has shown us how to teach football to kids from a very early age with methods that are genius in their simplicity. After all the countless hours and money spent around the World by football governing bodies trying to unlock the secrets of football development- Tom Byer has given us the answer, and surprisingly, the role of the World’s administrators and even coaches is shown to be minimal in the development of football talent. It’s tough but true, it’s all up to parents.


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